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Covid19:Na Buhari And Ganduje Go Kpai Kano People

Ganduje- Governor of Kano State

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Covid19:Na Buhari And Ganduje Go Kpai Kano People

No be tori again say, we presido, Muhammad Buhari don approve make Ganduje relax lockdown for Kano even as the Coronavirus matter dey rise for there.

Una fit don forget but make I remind una. Na for dis same Kano wey people dey die everyday like fowl, so tey dem bury more than 640 people in just 1 week!

Up till now gofment never fit talk wetin dey kpai all the people for Kano. All we know be say the coronavirus matter for the state don increase gear to take over take everibodi

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Wetin dey pain me for the matter no pass say the Kano State gofnor wey be Ganduje no care about the life of Kano people.

Since wen the European join body announce say dem go give we kontri €50m (like N21billion or more sef). Na em Ganduje don begin ask Buhari for N15billion sake of Covid19.

And before dat time, we never see anybody for Kano wey get the Covid19. Na for only Lagos, Abuja and maybe Ekiti states dey gbege with the matter.

Remember too say wen we Federal gofment come out talk say dem go give Lagos State like N100m to fight Coro, the governors for North shout say dem too must to collect dia own.

Maybe na em make Ganduje begin play kite with the life of Kano people.

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All of a sudden, Coro appear for Kano and within 1 week, Kano don carry 1st position comot for the hand of Lagos State. All because of N15billion! But na em way sha.

Now, check the matter. People dey die, you say na normal and say no be Coro kpai dem. Make the medical people come confam wetin dey kpai the people, una say no sake of religion. Now na audio autopsy we wan do. Wetin we no go hear for we kontri!

On top of say the gofnor say no be Coro dey kpai d people, em still dey ask for N15billion from Federal gofment.

People wey dey sick go call NCDC for test make dem for check weda na Coro, na voice mail e dey enter.

But the thing wey the gofnor for do if em love em people na to do campaign make people for know say Coronavirus na REAL and e dey KILL.

But na how em go take loot N15billion dey em mind. Shame!

If not, why e be say, wen presido Buhari say Kano go lockdown for 2weeks make the gofment fit reduce the spread of Coro, the gofnor no wan gree?

Without the total lockdown, the number of people wey go get the Covid19 go dey increase, people go dey kpai sake of say no correct plan dey to take treat people.

As more people dey die, the Federal gofment go now rush to give the man the money wey em dey ask for since.

Dat na the game Ganduje and other gofnors for North dey play with the life of dia people. Sad!

Dem don turn the matter to politics. Ganduje, abeg we don finish Presidential election since last year o!

All wetin dis wicked politicians dey see na opportunity to take steal money. Weda people kpai or not e no concern dem.

But we presido sef no too dey free for dis matter o. Wetin go make a whole presido give order for lockdown and just 3days later, em change mouth? Abi dem be partners for N15billion matter?

Wetin be the excuse or reason wet Ganduje take confuse we presido to make am say no more total lockdown? Already, Kano don dey distribute Coro give other states through the Almajiris wey dem carry by force comot for Kano.

This Kano coronavirus matter na time bomb. Buhari and Ganduje don decide to close dem eyes so dem go pretend say dem no see the danger but na lie!

Wen the matter set and plenty people continue to kpai for Kano, we no go forget say na both Buhari and Ganduje join hand together to finish the people of Kano.

We prayer be say make God look down from heaven show mercy for the poor people of Kano, wey no know how wicked dia leaders be, and save dia life from dis Covid19 matter.

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