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Lagosians May Be Among The Most Gullible Electorates Ever

Lagosians await the covid19 relief package from Governor Sanwo-Olu

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Lagosians May Be Among The Most Gullible Electorates Ever

Finally, the reasons why Lagos may not see the kind of development and growth has been revealed! Lagosians are NATO members (No Action Talk Only). With the level of smartness and intelligence of Lagosians, one little thing still holds them down. Can they break free and be liberated?

Lagosians are considered smart, intelligent and yes, arrogant folks when you consider the aura and “packaging” they show especially when they know the other person is not a Lagosian either by birth or residence. Lagos is all about the show with little or no substance. Little wonder the popular phrase “Lagos for show”.

But with all their show and seeming intelligence, most Lagos people are political mumus; and the mumu is legendary.

Perhaps nothing has brought their gullibility to the fore more than the reactions to the Covid-19 “relief package” from the Lagos State government. The government, in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world and leaving even the super powers scampering for solution to the Coronavirus, announced a lockdown of the State as part of efforts to curb the spread of the virus and control to the barest minimum the likely number of cases and/or deaths arising from the Covid-19.

The lockdown was announced with little or no deep thinking. It was or so it seems, a cut and paste remedy, copied directly from the Europe, Asia and America. While it is good to adopt global best practices, it is absolutely important to consider its’ local adaptability with careful consideration of factors that may be peculiar to your environment and that may likely affect positively or negatively a “copy, cut and paste” approach. The Government failed to adapt.

For every action, we expect and equal and opposite reaction. Sometimes, there may also be unexpected outcomes from a well-intended action. So, while the lockdown announced by the State Government was well-intended, they failed to factor all possible outcomes that may arise from asking Lagosians to sit at home for a whole one week. To make matters worse, the Federal Government now added two weeks to the lockdown!

How come the Government did not know that Lagos is a city of daily hustle and bustle? How come they did not realize that most residents of the State are hustlers who must go out on a daily basis to look for bread to eat and that by locking them down, their source of daily livelihood was going to be under severe threat? Even those who live on salary barely have enough left once they receive their salaries because before the salary come, plenty gbese dey ground dey wait. Savings? From where? From salary that most of the time does not follow them to the gate of the Company? By the time, the IOU, debt owed the food vendor across the gate and other sundry debts, the monthly take home can only take them to the bus stop.

But in all of these, my issue is with the Lagos electorates. They claim to be smart, intelligent and politically woke yet some “elected” officials come around every 4 years, press their mumu button and they fall yakata, campaign and vote for their mumu masters who keep trampling on them like one piece of trash.

Alright, the Government finally realized the fault in their lockdown strategy and quickly moved to address it or so most people thought. We saw pictures of plenty food items shared on social media by the Government-the food plenty! Lagosians were told that food, sufficient for a household of 6, would be distributed to residents in order to alleviate the clear impact of the lockdown directive.

Hitherto restive residents became assured and relaxed, believing that the promised intervention would soon be received. Residents therefore were willing and ready to comply with the lockdown directive. But, alas, residents waited and waited and indeed are still waiting. It appears this is yet another audio relief package. Well, to be fair, some communities in the State received the “well-packaged” Covid-19 relief materials and they spoke their “appreciation”.

Still, I am not surprised at the way the Lagos State government has treated her citizens/residents. This is not different from the way they have always treated Lagosians. Ask yourself, during elections when they come around to ask for your votes, what do they give you in order to buy your vote? A bag of rice, beans or garri? Nah! If you are among the lucky few, you probably get 1piece of branded notebook and biro, or N1,000 cash, or 1 derica of rice, the very lucky may get branded T-shirt or umbrella or stuff like that with absolutely no value. You accept all these gifts and sing their praises to high heavens and you are prepared to “fight to finish” with anyone who opposes these political Lords. What a shame? Where is the Lagos smartness, the intelligence that should have let you know that the politicians were and have always taken you for a ride. This basically is what has played out again with the Covid-19 relief package.

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In Ayobo-Covid-19 Exposes APC Led FGs Social Intervention as Hoax LCDA as in many other Communities across the State, the Story is not different. A bag containing (1) 5kg of Rice and (1)3kg of Beans delivered to be shared by 4 Community Development Areas, CDA.

There are a minimum of 40 houses in a CDA so for these 4 CDAs we are talking about 160 households, pray how do you go about sharing these “wonderful relief materials” to members of your community? I heard some communities also got in addition to these, 1 loaf of Agege bread. Bravo! A lot of other communities have not even seen talkless of getting their own share of the goodies. Chai, poor Lagosians! When will you wake up from your slumber?

So, shey na like dis we go dey dey? Like Baba Fela talk, so “Police man go slap your face you no go talk”, politician wey you “vote” for to go represent and/or serve you whether as Governor, Representative or Local Government/LCDA Chairman go push you for ground, march you for head, poopoo for your mouth, you no go talk? Na wa o!

In my CDA, I objected to our accepting the “rubbish” they call relief materials but guess what, I was the only voice crying in the wilderness. Their excuse or reason for not rejecting the gift that they all murmured and complained about, is so flimsy and laughable – “They can use it against us in future, if a big deal is coming to our communities!”. What a mumuristic and beggarly posture?!

Lagosians are waiting for 2023 to let this Government know their displeasure, so I hear. But, pray that Lagos people will not fall again for the “monkey banana” that is always thrown at them by insensitive politicians.

When and if you are sufficiently agree, you will demand fair treatment, you will demand transparency, you will demand accountability from your “elected” political office holders across board from Governor to Councilor.

When would your #Otoge moment come? When would you liberate yourselves from this mental and political slavery despite of your smartness and intelligence?



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