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Of George Floyd ‘Judging The Fluidity’ of America’s Hypocrisy on Racism, And The Nigerian COVID19 Scam-demic.


Of George Floyd ‘Judging The Fluidity’ of America’s Hypocrisy on Racism, And The Nigerian COVID19 Scam-demic.

But something uncannily close to the hypocrisy of George Floyd’s America is the Nigerian COVID19 Scam-demic. Does it not worry you that a nation of close to 200m citizens is yet to pull through with 0.05% (less than 100,000) testing of her citizens for COVID19?

The killer of George Floyd would not have done to a dog what he did to a fellow man. And the fact that he was a Police Officer underscores the hypocrisy of the American Dream in so far as her relationship with her coloured citizens is concerned particularly when juxtaposed with the many extra judicial killings of, and brutalizing of harmless Blacks by White Cops in America.

Under Donald Trump America seems to have chosen the resurgence of Anti Black sentiments and tendencies, but are you surprised?

Donald Trump unlike the larger America has never pretended about his disdain and disrespect for Blacks whether they are Africans in Africa, African Americans and or coloreds anywhere in the World.

George Floyd in death ‘Judges The Fluidity’ of America’s claim over Racism. He judges the fluidity of a President who sides with Armed White Men calling for the reopening of States and repudiating the lockdown associated with the Covid19 pandemic whilst calling out troops to shoot at ‘looting Protests’ and protesters against the racial killing of George Floyd, obviously Trump prefers properties and wares to human life, nay Black lives.

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George Floyd judges the fluidity and hypocrisy of the American State regarding the equality of her citizens, and tells America that now is the time to live true to what it says on paper.

You cannot claim to respect Abraham Lincoln and still deride the Emancipation Proclamation he signed into Law some 8score or so years ago. You cannot have a National Holiday in honour of the Black Preacher of Peace, Equality and Brotherhood, my Mentor from Atlanta Georgia, Martin Luther King Jr and yet recruit Cops who do not believe in the brotherhood and in the equality of man.

The present pervasive and pervading George Floyd’s death related protests in America is judgment against the fluidity of America’s claim that the days of the agitation for rights championed by the Malcolm Xs, Martin Luther King Jrs, Jesse Jacksons, Louis Farakhans et al are over.

George Floyd is judgment against the fluid hypocrisy of the United States regarding her citizens of Colour, and like George Floyd cried out ‘I can’t breathe’ just before his murder/execution was perfected, America’s racial hypocrisy has lost breathe, and may breathe no longer, thanks to George Floyd.

But something uncannily close to the hypocrisy of George Floyd’s America is the Nigerian COVID19 Scam-demic. Does it not worry you that a nation of close to 200m citizens is yet to pull through with 0.05% (less than 100,000) testing of her citizens for COVID19?

Does it not bother you that rather than attend to the serious challenge before us the Presidential Task Force PTF on COVID19 is more garrulous and talkative than active? Does it not bother you that instead of intensifying efforts at the massive testing of Nigerians the PTF is more inclined to copy pasting and posting of the easing of lockdown protocols in other climes?

Does it not bother you that those they are copying have almost reached the 50,000 to 100,000 testing per day mark? Sadly we have been unable to reach the 100,000 mark since the 27th of February when the first COVID19 case was announced in Nigeria.

Does it not bother you that Nigeria is tinkering with the total easing of lockdown without a clearcut programmatic on dealing with the pandemic? Do you yet wonder why many like yours sincerely think that what we have in Nigeria is more of a Scam-demic than a pandemic?

If you think otherwise, then wonder about the many tales of and about the Chinese Medical Experts that became escorts of the Medical supplies from China according to the Minister of Health, and later became Construction Workers of a Chinese Company in Nigeria according to Saint Lai Mohammed. Like George Floyd’s America like the Nigerian COVID19 Scam-demic, living in falsehood and denial is the name.

Have you yet wondered about the huge resources donated by the Private Sector, the ones from the EU, UN, World Bank et al, and why the NCDC is yet complaining about the dearth of testing kits? What about the funds allegedly released by Government for palliative to the masses and the massive depletion and disappearing of same?

What about monies being spent allegedly on School feeding whilst schools are on lockdown? Nigerian magic you will say. Let’s keep the Scam-demic or pandemic debate rolling until the truth will someday prevail.

Do you yet wonder why the COVID19 figures are on the massive increase albeit with almost completely faceless victims whose addresses and locations remain unknown? How can you contain a pandemic without releasing the names and addresses of the victims?

How would those who may have been in contact or proximity with the victims know, take precaution, self isolate or quarantine? How will the spread be stemmed with the secrecy and perhaps the glaring hypocrisy of the managers of the pandemic, O sorry, Scam-demic in Nigeria.

For as long as the politics of the pandemic is more important to the Nigerian State, we shall continue to address COVID19 in Nigeria as a Scam-demic until the needful is done. Like George Floyd couldn’t breath under the weight of that racist Cop, and for as long as America continues to politic with matters of race and colour, a George Floyd will judge her fluidity and bring her hypocrisy to judgment.

And like Nigeria suffers under the weight of the most insensitive, insincere and reprehensible political and State operators known to humankind, and cannot breathe on account of her bad, incompetent and unpatriotic leaders… when however the protests begin do not say I didn’t warn Nigeria, for only TRUTH and forthrightness can save this Country from the looming George-Floyd-like upheaval. God Save Nigeria.

Chukwudumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia CNN.



  1. Eli

    June 6, 2020 at 10:01 am

    I find it extremely hypocritical of America and her people to claim her state is free for all regardless of race or background. George Floyd will not only be known as one of the many black men who has been murdered by white cops, he is a symbol of the oppressed, be it by systematic racism or political corruption and manipulation as we have endured for years in Nigeria. George Floyd will remain a symbol for all of us, as we are all tired of being oppressed and are desperate to fight for freedom. We all want to breathe again.

  2. Titilayo

    June 6, 2020 at 9:26 am

    I wish Nigerian citizens can also rise up to the occasion in our own country by starting a protest, we are living in bondage and no one is ready to fight this government not even PDP. Everyone seems to be quiet does that mean the opposition leaders or camp are guilty of something? Are they afraid of arrest?where are the human rights activist, the CSOs like #OccupyNigeria? Where is Pastor Tunde Bakare? We are all suffering in silence, who will fight our battles for us as a commoner. It is well

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