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How Prepared are you for a Post-coronavirus world?


How Prepared are you for a Post-coronavirus world?

Google digital skills for Africa

How Prepared are you for a Post-coronavirus world?

The world would probably never return to the way it was prior Covid-19. A lot has changed, a lot is changing and a lot will still change. How prepared are you to take advantage of the opportunities that will emerge post-coronavirus? Do you have the skills that will ensure you remain valuable? Learn one or two new skills, take up a digital skills challenge to earn a free Google certification.

The future of work is digital

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus and the growing scale of its spread around the world, many Countries have closed their borders to immigrants. Flights restrictions imposed and some of these Countries are virtually on lockdown. These Countries in so many ways represents an escape route from poverty and unending struggles for many young Nigerians. Now that door has been closed!

Even if these closed doors were to reopen, a lot has changed in these Countries since Covid-19. The work place and work process in many of these Countries have changed and may never return to the way we knew them again. Governments and businesses the world over are increasingly adopting the Work From Home (WFH) model. Herein lies the challenge especially for our young people in Nigeria.

What skills do you have that can be utilized in a post-coronavirus world? We should right about now be asking ourselves this and many other questions. The world has shifted gear, are you prepared to engage this new gear?

This is the time for us to learn new skills that will make us valuable in an increasingly remote world. So, what skills do you need to learn? Interestingly, there are a number of free courses available online that one can take right from the comfort of your home and on the smartphone. Look up some of these courses on sites such as coursera, udemy, edX, and lots more.

As Nigeria gradually approaches a complete lockdown with the “stay at home” directive from various State governments, this is a great time to explore and learn one or more skills.

Interested in a free Google digital skills training? Then click on the link below to join our cohorts on whatsapps.

Kompound is our Whatsapp group created purposely to guide participants through the Google Fundaments of Marketing course. The training is Free with certificate issued by Google and endorsed by The Open University and IAB Europe.

Ready to take up the challenge and prepare for a post-coronavirus world? Join other cohorts in the Kompound.

Click the above link now to start an amazing journey in the digital space.



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