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Is 5G Network Anti-Christians Only?

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Is 5G Network Anti-Christians Only?

Is 5G Network Anti-Christians Only?

Does being a Christian stop one from critical thinking and analysis of issues?To what extent do Christians and Spiritual leaders depend on the Holy Spirit for direction, knowledge and understanding today? Is the 5G network anti-christians? Why aren’t Muslim clerics talking about it?

It is no longer news that the 5G Network and Coronavirus conspiracy theory has developed wings and stretched into the realm of religion. It would seem, from the sound of the conspiracy theory, that 5G Network has been developed with the sole aim of exterminating Nigerian Christians.

I am particular about the Nigerian Christian because of our penchant for taking matters of faith, sometimes, out of context and away from the realm of reasoning. Indeed, also away from Spiritual discernment.

Ability to Spiritually discern a matter in order to determine if it is of God or of the world is a gift available to Christians. It is however doubtful, if todays’ Christians understand this gift enough to be able to utilize both for the growth of the body of Christ and for the Country.

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It is disheartening that our “Men of God” or perhaps more appropriately given their modus operandi “God of Men”, have totally abandoned the Holy Spirit and therefore no longer depend on the Spirit of God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

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The attitude and/or response to the 5G technology leave much to be desired. Even notable “God of Men” who ought to know better jumped in on a conspiracy theory and with the aid of slides and charts misled thousands of their “worshipers” into believing a cheap lie.

Rather than point their followers to the truth, they have sought the instrumentality of FEAR to push through the doctrine of end-times and the anti-christ. No wonder a lot of “scary” messages started flying all over social media. Some Nigerian Christians actually now believe that 5G Network is handiwork of the anti-christ.

Indeed some believe more than that. Someone very close to me, got a whatsapp message from her sister about how dangerous 5G network is and guess what, the message said things like “5G network has been installed in Lagos and Abuja”, “5G network sucks blood of humans and it has sucked the blood of one man in Ogba, lagos” and on and on. The sender of the message is a Graduate with well developed thinking faculty that has now been warped by unreasonable religiosity NOT FAITH!

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The level of noise from the “Christians” make me wonder where other religious faith – Muslims and the African Traditional Religion adherents are? Or is the 5G network designed solely to wipe out the Christians and their religion?

Religion should not make us throw away our ability to critically examine a matter. Everything is not spiritual; I guess that’s why we have a physical body, soul and spirit. We cannot continue feeding the spirit and ignore the body otherwise we would end up with kwashiokor. We must balance these matters.

While we are learning the art of balancing these matters, it is important to state clearly that 5G network has absolutely nothing to do with Coronavirus neither is it a tool of the anti-christ to give Christians the “mark of the beast”

On a serious note, where are the Muslim clerics? It would be nice to know what they think about the 5G network? Do they, by any chance, also believe that one day, an “anti-christ” kind of personality will show up on earth, give people a number without which they would be unable to buy or sell or indeed transact any business? The anti-christ basically grounds you if you refuse the “mark of the beast” and if you receive the mark? Hell FIRE awaits.

If you are a muslim reader, it would be nice to read your thoughts on this subject. Kindly drop us a comment in the comment box.

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