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Lagos People dey Complain as Gofment Close Market


Lagos People dey Complain as Gofment Close Market

…Lagos State gofment don talk say make all the people wey dey sell market close their shop for now. Dis na part of the plan of the gofment to take stop the spread spread of this Coronavirus wey dey kpai plenty people for the world.

Lagos gofment don close all dem market sake of the Coronovirus matter for wey don increase for the State, according to how we take hear the tori, the government talk say all markets go close as from tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, 2020.

Crowded Lagos food market: Lagos closes market to curb Coronavirus spread in the State

Dis oda to close market na from the Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.  And na so markets go dey till next two weeks before government go chook eye again for the matter to know weda to open dem again.

Plenty people don dey talk dey support the government for this decision and na so too plenty people dey against am. We talk talk person for igotalkmymind, wey her name be Amaka, waka for some places ask people to put mouth for the matter of this market closure and dis na wetin dem talk:

“Me I support make dem close markets but make e no be all the markets. Make the gofment allow market wey dey sell food items to continue because no be all us get money to buy food keep for house like all dem big big ogas. How dem want make ordinary person like me survive especially as Company never even pay salary? Make dem close markets wey dey other things but make dem let us see market to go buy food o”…Deborah (Iyana Ipaja)

“If dem close markets because of Coro, how poor people wan take chop? Na em be say all of us go die of hungervirus be dat. So, me I no support the gofment at all”… Akin (Egbeda)

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“As me I see am, dis na right thing to do. Dis Coronavirus just dey kill people anyhow and for we Country the number don dey increase anyhow. So my mind, I support the gofment decision. The only matter be say the notice dey short as many people never collect salary so how dem wan take buy food keep for their house. And if I say make dem wait till end of month before closing market, the Coronovirus infection go just dey increase”…Leo (Dopemu)

Well, na true say the way wey the virus don dey take spread for we Country get as e be and na Lagos get the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 infection so far, but still we gofment no too reason dis matter well sake of say no arrangement for ground to make sure say the poor, ordinary people for the State go fit survive this market closure.

Na my mind I talk…make you sef come talk your mind.



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