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UV Light from the Sun can Help Stop Coronavirus

Radiation from Sun can weaken Coronavirus

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UV Light from the Sun can Help Stop Coronavirus

Revealed; major reason why we should spend more time outdoor and in the Sun rather than indoors during this Coronavirus pandemic. Our health ministries should know better. Here is what Dr. Hilary Jones, has to say about it and more

Ultraviolet light from the Sun can help weaken and kill Coronavirus. According to Dr. Hilary Jones the UV radiation can destroy lots of microorganisms and that is why it is OK for people to go out in the fresh air and exercise. He however cautioned that while it is OK to go out for fresh air and UV light from the Sun, it should not be done in groups of more than two people from the same household.

Ultraviolet light from the Sun can help weaken Coronavirus
Outdoor Sun Cloud

However, if a person already has the coronavirus in his/her nose and throat, the UV light won’t have any effect. So, the benefit of the Sun light in the fight against this deadly virus may just be in helping with prevention rather than curative.

As it is popularly said, prevention is better than cure. One therefore wonder why in Africa, where we have plenty of Sun, our governments have opted for a lockdown that keeps her people indoors rather than outdoor so they can enjoy the fresh air while getting the positive help of the radiation from the Sun to combat ravaging coronavirus.

The Federal Government of Nigeria, recently announced a lockdown in 3 of the most vulnerable cities, Lagos, Ogun and Abuja, with highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases. While the government may very well have a good intention, the government and the relevant Agencies should not be unmindful of the possible and very likely cobra effect of this lockdown order.

Most Nigerians are artisans and micro, small and medium business operators; a vast majority depend on daily revenue earnings for survival. The lockdown therefore prevents them from going about their business without palliative measures from the government.

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Rather than a total lockdown with a possible unintended effect on the citizens, the relevant agencies like the national center for disease control and the ministry of health should have considered harnessing this freely available natural resource; UV light from the Sun and encourage citizens to spend more time outdoor daily, especially people who are yet to contract the virus.

Perhaps a dearth of Covid-19 test kit may have forced governments decision to ensure people self isolate. This again has not taken into cognizance the peculiar challenge of the way we live in terms of housing and habitation. How effective would this measure really be? Only time will tell.

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