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Where Are the GOs, Prophets and Miracle Pastors?


Where Are the GOs, Prophets and Miracle Pastors?

…as coronavirus dey ravage the world from left to right, put fear inside plenty people for we Kontri, all we pastors, prophets and spiritual leaders dem don jappa, miracles no dey again as no Pastor wan lay hands on person for fear of catching the disease. After this coronavirus matter, make no pastor come tell me about any fall down and die anointing abeg.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye, General Overseer, RCCG

Prophets and Pastors at the beginning of every year, claiming to have heard from God, declare Gods’ mind to their followers. Quite often, these prophecies include events and occurrences spanning politics, economy and global events. The year 2020 was no different. But none foresaw the Coronavirus outbreak.

These Prophecies are supposed to let their followers know what “God” has in store for them for the New Year. Most times, the Prophecies are extended to major occurrences to be expected in Nigeria and the rest of the world. 

Take for example, in a typical election year in Nigeria, these so called Men of God, are usually all over the place trying to outdo one another with their Prophecies and predictions on who the winners of the elections would be, each claiming and stating categorically the predictions are from “God”

Sometimes, I wonder if the Nigerian Christian “God” is confused or whether he simply responds to the money stimuli. How can the same “God” give conflicting predictions/prophecies on same subject matter? Most times, the Prophecies of these GOs, Prophets and Miracle pastors are subject to either their political affiliations or the political gladiator that offer the highest amount of money a.ka. Prophecies for purchase.

As it is the tradition, we had Prophecies from all the major Spiritual leaders; Pastor Adeboye of RCCG, Pastor Olukoya of MFM, Rev. Fr Mbaka, etc. They all “heard” and “declared” the mind of “God” concerning their congregations, Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. But “GOD” was silent on the outbreak of CORONAVIRUS!

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But seriously, make we check the matter now. How come nor even tell one, just of dis “men of God” sey, “my servant, warn the world, tell dem say I dey vex and as my eye dey red so, if people of the world nor repent from their plenty sin, I go release one small virus wey go kpai many people for the world” .

Alright, let us even assume that their “God” hid this from them but now the Coronavirus is here and they are running. They have swiftly complied with government directives to close down worship centers in order to curb spread of the Coronavirus infection. Are these not the same “men of God” who claim to have raised the dead, opened the eyes of the blind, and destroyed the deadly hold of cancer and HIV?  Where are all our Miracle Pastor/Merchants? Ordinary Covid-19 una run hide under bed, abi the Nigerian Christian God nor dey do miracles again or em power nor reach to scatter dis one?

Na dis question dey my mind since this infection waka enter we Country. I nor know weda you sef don reason the matter like before o but how you take see the matter?

Make you sef talk as e dey be you for mind. I dey wait make we rub mind for the matter.

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