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Why These “Men of God” Should Just Shut Up?

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The Bible and the Cross and the Men of God


Why These “Men of God” Should Just Shut Up?

The Almighty God stopped communicating with the so called men of God long time ago. Unless the scripture in Amos 3:7 is not true in which case it should be revised. Beware of pastors and their predictions.

When would these Men of God learn to keep their mouths shut? In their bid to redeem their crumbled image, they are now rushing to predict end date for Covid19.

These men who usually pride themselves as the mouth piece of God failed woefully as none could warn the Country of Covid19. It caught them napping or perhaps caught their “god” sleeping.

Just like the Prophets of Baal who cried out loud unto their gods either to wake him up from his sleep or get his attention so he could rush back from wherever he had traveled to, in order to grant answer to their requests, that’s how our “men of god” are shouting themselves hoax, but alas their gods is still fast asleep.

Little wonder therefore they keep revising their predictions with respect to when the Covid19 pandemic would end. Rather than own up to their failures, they cover up with more shameless predictions.

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Recently, one of them with a very large following in the Country, who also enjoys some respect from a wide section of the Country, made his own prediction too with respect to when Covid19 will end.

However, he carefully and may be wisely avoided putting a date or timeline to his prediction. It was nothing but an expression of hope and positive optimism!

The Almighty God stopped communicating with them a long time ago! Everything you see them do now, is nothing but “packaging”!

How come He isn’t speaking to them about the situation in Nigeria? The darkness, gloom, sufferings of the people as a result of bad leadership yet He remains silent. This doesn’t sit well with the way he deals with his Children.

Even when the people have turned away from the Lord and followed after other gods, He would normally speak about His plan(s) to His anointed; the Prophet. He said so himself in the Bible.

Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the Prophets. Amos 3:7

Unless the Scripture is no longer true, otherwise when next your Pastor, General Overseer, Prophet or Prophetess tells you “God said” ask him or her “which God?”. The Lord of the bible left them a long time ago!

Unfortunately, their followers still have faith in them and their fake predictions.

We are so so gullible when it comes to matter of religion and spirituality. One little magic and we loose our capacity to think. We sacrifice objectivity on altar of FAITH.

They have come again. One Pastor claims he predicted the death of the Chief of Staff to the President, Mallam Abba Kyari. I wonder who in Nigeria didn’t make that prediction based mainly on their hatred of the man and the government he served.

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If indeed these Pastors are who they claim they are, let them do the following now:

  • Tell us where the kidnapped Chibok girls are and how to rescue them.
  • Where is Leah Sharibu and what should the Military do in order for her to regain her freedom (remember she’s still being held because of her faith)
  • Is Shekau, Boko Haram leader still alive? Because the Nigerian Army are confused right now. They killed him before but now they’re saying that Shekau will soon surrender. Did he resurrect?
  • Be categorical and tell us, would Buhari also die of Covid19 and quit issuing warning to Buhari?
  • Crude oil is now below $20 per barrel. What should Nigeria do in the immediate to escape the certain economic crisis with severe impact on life of the citizens? Remember, this impacts directly on your tithes and offerings.

If you cannot put forward the above predictions, then I suggest you guys just keep your leaky mouths shut!

No be only una sabi God. Muslims too sabi God but you don’t hear them go the media screaming predictions in the name of Prophecies from God.



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